1.. 2.. 3.. Hosting

Step 1

Get that Domain

Having your own domain is like having your own identity! Give yourself that boost when telling others to “Go to mywebsite.co.za” rather than worrying about having that pack of brochures in your back pocket. Convert that paragraph on a business card to a “one liner” with your own domain. No need to hold back, be creative and get that catchy domain now! Just remember, not everyone can own amazeballs.com so be sure to check if your ideal domain is available before printing those new business cards! 

Step 2

Add some Webspace

Now that you’ve decided on an awesome domain name and purchased the rights to that domain, you need to add some webspace to it so that you can showcase those amazing home creations or share some info about that neighborhood project you are running for your community. You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to the world wide web.  You can start with a simple page with basic info and grow it into a fully functioning online store. To meet your expectation, always be sure to provide a clear understanding of what it is you want to achieve and what the end result should look like (us tech guys work back to front to determine what you need, so give us the full picture). Not sure about all of this? No worries, contact us for some help and guidance on bringing that idea to life that you have brewing in your mind.

Step 3

Your own Email

So let’s see, you have your own domain (very cool!) and you have some webspace (also very cool!) what next? Well when chatting to a friend of a friend and the conversation starts leaning towards a business opportunity, you would normally exchange contact details which includes an email address 99% of the time. How awesome would it be to have your own email address, like: the.boss@youknowit.co.za rather than theboss27367@gmail.com (I mean, Gmail is great and all but chances of you being the.boss@gmail.com is probably the same odds as winning the Lotto). So in short having your own personalized email is a must have! Once you own that domain, have some webspace bolted on to it and your own email, you have successfully created your very own web presence! And who knows where you will go from there!